We've curated and hand-crafted some of the best local products that we both love and use in our own homes. 

Because fresh food is more fun.


We love the convenience of online shopping as much as the next guy, but sometimes there is just no substitute for the real thing: you can see it, touch it, take it home and taste it right away, and a real live person will tell you all about it.  Plus, we just like to see your face sometimes.  For this reason, and because we change our product selection regularly and offer lots of fresh and perishable items that won't ship well, there is some stuff you just have to come visit us to see.  So come often, say hello, and let us show off our latest finds.


Our In-Store Exclusives.

You won't be able to order these on our website, but they'll be worth the drive. We promise!

  • A variety of lovely dips and cheeses.
  • Lupita's hand-made chips and salsa.
  • Fantastic frozen take-and-bake snacks and dinners.
  • A great selection of wines, including Michigan wines.
  • Spirits, from your basic faves to up-and-coming artisan distilleries.
  • Creative cocktail mixers & bar accessories.
  • An ever-changing beer-lover's paradise of mix-and-match 6-packs.
  • Lawnmower beers of all sizes.