Pan-Fried Fish. Do I have your attention now? If you love fried fish like I do, then you must get into Jaddin's Precious Soul Cafe (701 Riverview Drive)asap. Last night I was driving home from work (ironically, trying to think of someplace where I could grab a healthy meal to take home for dinner...whoops) and I decided to stop into this place--I had been meaning to for a while and thank goodness I finally did. This. Place. Rocks. It's a family restaurant from start to finish and little Jaddin (whose Mom owns the restaurant) was working behind the counter with his older cousin when I arrived. They were both sweet as pie, I told them it was my first visit and they were welcoming and helpful, enthusiastic and ready with the recommendations. You basically can pick your meat, and then choose two sides to go with (can't be a vegetarian easily here--sorry!). We got Fried Swai (crisp, delicious whitefish and NOT greasy at all, which is almost impossible to find), black-eyed peas (rich and flavorful), okra (fried--yum), Fried Pork Chops just like my mom used to make, but smothered with home-made BBQ sauce which was sweet and flavorful with a bit of a kick, greens (delicious), and the MUST TRY recommendation of the boys, the Baked Mac-n-Cheese. I thought I had tried every style of mac and cheese under the sun, and I personally make a MEAN baked mac-n-cheese but I'll be damned if those kids weren't right. I don't know what they are putting in that baked mac-n-cheese but it is really, really good. I had to wait maybe a half an hour for the food (which I appreciated because clearly everything was made to order), but it was actually kind of fun hanging out and watching the people come and go. They seem to have a pretty regular group of customers, and the place just had a homey and friendly vibe about it. I overheard several people who were disappointed to find rib tips weren't on the menu that day (the menu changes daily), but I guess they only serve them on the weekends, so if you love rib tips, go on a Friday or Saturday. Something tells me it will be worth your while.