If you are like David and I, and love a good Popcorn Dinner every once in a while (or more often), this is a must-try. Since I've made it this way, I'm simply not interested in popcorn any other way. And...if you're wondering if using the Snow Pea Farms Heirloom Popcorn Kernels makes a difference, I challenge you to do a taste test (plus this is a very fun activity to do with kids). Buy Orville Redenbacher's, and a couple of other kinds of corn if you feel like complicating it up, and buy the Snow Pea Farms, pop them all up and do a blind popcorn tasting. It's amazing the difference a kernel can make. Each popcorn will be visibly different, and each will taste completely different, with a completely different texture. Did I just say different like four times? Yes, it's that amazing...and different. The Snow Pea Farms Heirloom Popcorn pops smaller kernels that are more substantial in flavor, and they read to me almost nutty. Anyway, here's the recipe:




Your favorite heavy popcorn-popping pan with lid 

2-5 Tbs. Butter or Bacon Flavored Olive Mill Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

½ Cup Snow Pea Farms Heirloom Popcorn plus 3 test kernels 

2-3 tsp. Everything Nice West Indies Rub 



-Pour 2 Tbs. Butter or Bacon-flavored Olive Oil into Heavy Popcorn Pan.  

-Put three test kernels into the pan, and heat on high until you hear three POPS! Now, quickly: 

-Pour ½ cup Snow Pea Farms Heirloom Popcorn Kernels into the pan, and sprinkle about 2 tsp of the Everything Nice West Indies Rub onto the kernels. Cover pan and wait until you hear popping. 

-Shake pan regularly to keep the kernels moving, so they don't burn. I have no idea if this is really necessary, but it's how I learned to make popcorn, and I make good popcorn so why mess with a good thing? Plus it gives your arms a little exercise before you veg out in front of the TV, eating popcorn, for the next few hours. 

--When the POPS are less frequent, remove from heat. Tell the the dog to go away (ho won't listen to you), since he's at your feet now because he knows when you take off the lid, a few kernels are going to pop out and onto the floor where he can eat them.  

--Remove the lid, pour into your favorite popcorn bowl or bowls, and taste. Does it need more oil? Does it need more West Indies Rub? Add to taste and enjoy. Warning: go slow with adding the West Indies Rub. This popcorn goes from delightfully and mildly spiced to wildfire in your mouth pretty easily.