Very excited about our latest new product: Snow Pea Farms (who you may remember from the incredible Corn Bread Mix) have started making a Corn Pancake Mix. Now, normally I am not a fan of a mix for something like Cornbread or Pancakes, which are not that hard to make from scratch. But here's the difference: these guys are growing the corn, which is an heirloom variety called Bloody Butcher (Nice!), on their farm in Alto, Michigan (Near GR) using traditional farming methods, then they are milling the corn themselves and creating this amazing mix. I made mine with Mooville Buttermilk instead of milk, thinking all the while, will I be able to taste this in the pancakes? And you CAN. And these pancakes, which are fabulous with just regular milk, are super fabulous with buttermilk. Top with Michigan Maple Syrup or possibly some raspberries or blueberries. Add a side of sausage or bacon. Voila! Breakfast for dinner. Unless you make it in the morning. Then it's just breakfast.