For me and many others in our corner of Michigan, there is no corn but Scobey's Corn. It's a sweet and simple joy of late Summer. And what do you do when you just want to celebrate that joy, and take it completely over the top? Why, you saute it in butter and add basil. Done. Here's my recipe: 

Scobey's Fresh Corn Sauteed with Butter and Basil 


-at least 6 ears of Scobey's Corn, fresh from the Bank Street Farmer's Market on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. 

-a gigantic bunch of fresh basil 

-2 or more generous TBS of butter 

-1 tsp or more to taste Everything Nice Hawaiian Black Lava Salt (or whatever salt you have on-hand) 

-½ tsp or more to taste freshly ground Everything Nice Long Pepper (or whatever black pepper you have in the house) 


--Shuck the corn and cut the corn off the cob. SAVE THE COBS! They have so much flavor, and you can use them in another recipe—either for vegetable broth, or heat them in milk and use it as the base for a lovely corn chowder—I'll post a recipe for that some day—it's quick, easy and so wonderful! If you aren't going to use the cobs soon, you can freeze them to use later.  

-Wash the fresh basil and coarsely chop.  

-Melt the butter in your favorite frying pan over medium-low heat. 

-When the butter is melted, turn up the heat to medium-high and add corn and basil.  

-Saute until done—the way I like it, this will take about one minute tops, but if you are one of those crazy people (like my mom) who loves their corn super well done, then saute it til it almost looks the way you like it, then remove from heat. But if you're going to over-cook your corn, maybe wait until the last few minutes to add in the basil. This will keep the basil flavorful, fresh and green! Add a generous amount of salt & pepper to taste. 

-Enjoy. Does it get any better than this? It does not.