I woke up at 4:30am this morning, thinking about two unpleasant and tedious tasks I needed to complete today and how unlikely it was that any reward would be found at the end. Bureaucracy and unfairness are things we all have to deal with at different points in our lives and sometimes it is just hard to swallow. So when I can't sleep and it's after 4:30a, I generally get up and make pancakes. I mean, I'm awake so I might as well. I had no milk or orange juice in the fridge to use for the liquid, but I did have a pint of Mooville Eggnog (do not judge). So I made Eggnog pancakes. And they were delicious. Time to move on! Today is the first day of December, which means I start the Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar, a suggestion I stole from a friend on Facebook, and suggested you all do with your kids, when someone pointed out that adults could do it, too. So I am giving it a go. Hoping some of you will join me. Our first assignment: Write a thank-you note to someone who helps you. I've already got three people in mind.