Yes, Kalamazoo, we are officially committed.  September 2015-February 2016, Beer and Skittles will be "Popping Up" in Kalamazoo at the new "Main & Drake" Maker's Market, located in the Westwood Plaza at the corner of, yes, West Main Street and Drake Road. Now I should say right away, that NO WE ARE NOT LEAVING GULL LAKE.  We love Gull Lake and we will be here for the next five to one hundred and five years, probably closer to 105.  We love it here. What's not to love?  And also, I should clarify this by maybe calling our Kalamazoo Kiosk, "LIGHT Beer and Skittles," or maybe more accurately, "NO BEER and Skittles," as at this point, this is just a pop-up store, and we have very limited space, so we will not be using our liquor license, although we do still have a Kalamazoo license in our back pocket in case we change our minds.  So what will we be doing at this location?  Well, let me tell you because I am excited about it!  We are super honored to be part of a collaborative of artists, artisans and producers who will be joining together to create the most happening Weekend spot in Kzoo.  Weekends only. Yes, Missy Al-Azzawi of Handmade Kalamazoo is involved. Nuff said, right? It's gonna rock.  We will be open Fridays from 4-8p, and Saturdays from 12-8p. Yup, that's it. Weekends only. You gotta come when we're open! There will be live music sometimes, art demonstrations, a lounge area to hang out, so yes it's a pop-up store (or a bunch of pop-up stores in one), but it's also kind of a Happening and a Hang out. As for Beer and Skittles, we will be bringing your foodie favorites including the Olive Mill Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars and the Everything Nice Herbs. Salts. Spice, as well as a bunch of your other faves and some new tricks, too.  Can't believe we'll be back in Kalamazoo in just a matter of weeks.  Very excited to see you.