Olive Lovers: something new. Sofia's Marinated Olives, available in Green or Black, and unlike any olive you've ever had. I have been unable to identify the "secret spices" used in their marinade but I would call it "oddly compelling." In a good way. At first bite, it was just so not what I expected, that I was unsure if I even liked them.  So I sat with it for a minute and was like, "OK, I've gotta try another one." and then I tried about five more. And I liked them. And then I thought about them for the next few days and just kept wanting them again. It's almost like they are so interesting I just can't quite wrap my head around them.  I would not use them in the ways I would most often think to use an olive--in a martini, on a salad or pizza--although you could.  To me, these are best used either as a point of interest and a conversation piece on an antipasti platter or cheese plate, or as an ingredient in something--almost like you'd use a caper. So like sliced into pasta, added as an ingredient in potato salad or rice and grain salads, even diced up and served over grilled fish.  I could also totally see them as a garnish on a burger or toothpicked onto a sandwich. Also, they are made in Warren, Michigan using California olives, so totally made in the USA.  Nice.