Bell's Beer, how can you be so perfectly superior, so nuanced and so excellent, every single time? Once again you have WOWED me with a beer that is impeccably on style, yet somehow still manages to surprise and delight me.  Just got in Saturn, the newest release in the Bell's Planets series, and, well, it's pretty darn good.  If you haven't heard of the planet series, it's a limited release series of beers that have been inspired by Gustav Holst's orchestral suite, The Planets.  A new one every two months, and each beer is based on one movement of the suite.  This is the fifth movement/beer: Saturn: The Bringer of Old Age.  Yes, I am with you, I could have skipped the Old Age part, but the beer is good enough that I'm willing to look past it.  (Although, if anyone you know has a BIG birthday coming up, a bottle of The Bringer of Old Age might make a pretty funny gift...) It's a barleywine, aged in bourbon barrels, which happens to be my favorite style, so I'm in from the get-go.  Important note: it's got an ABV of 11.5%, so great for sipping slow, or for sharing.  It is rich, deep and complex, fruity and full with distinct but very delicate bourbon notes. What is so cool to me about Bells beer is how is the sense of proportion and balance of the various elements is so RIGHT ON in each beer. For me,  that balance creates a feeling of completion, like you are drinking this beer, and it is so round and so right, with everything in its perfect amount, that you just couldn't want more.  And I feel like they do that every time.  Anyway, we still have some left if you want to try a bottle.  Also, if you've never tried a Barleywine, this is a great one to start on, as it's pretty much perfect, but also it's less that $3/bottle, which for a high-gravity, bourbon barrel aged beer is very affordable.  Good work, Bells Beer.  You have done it again!